Friday, November 14, 2008

Laughably Ridiculous

Okay, although I'm an open-source devotee, I've actually intellectually bantered in favor of copyright law. I know, I'm sorry; but I can understand the philosophical underpinning of *a* copyright scheme ... even if I don't agree with its effectiveness.

But this is just getting absurd.

Interestingly, SPFF is also going after Sourceforge, the open source development website, because it hosts the P2P application Shareaza.

So let me state this matter-of-factly:

In suing SourceForge, SPFF is not suing an entity who distributes copyrighted material. They're not even suing someone who develops software that might be used to distribute copyrighted material. SPFF is suing someone (i.e., SourceForge) who develops software (i.e., that might be used to develop or distribute software (i.e., Shareaza) that might be used to distributed copyrighted material.

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