Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OSCON quotes - day 1

I want to share quotes I overhear at OSCON 2009. Most of these are from fellow SourceForgers ...

  • I'm a fan of the minimalist beauty of the electronic device.

  • Your API is not a beautiful fucking snowflake.

  • I am as asymptotically close to clean as possible.

  • You're going to be happy about not being happy.

  • I'm German, we know how to deal with crowds.

  • It doesn't matter, you eat it with rice and bread.

  • I fucked the grower to get this shit.

  • It's amazing what you can fit up your ass with a little practice.

  • I don't like my balls soaked in sugar syrup.

  • People shouldn't call each other tar pit.

  • There's nothing you can think of with an olive that I haven't already video'd and sold on the internet.

  • Is this the placenta thing?

  • All eating human flesh stories start with, "I was going to med school."