Friday, January 09, 2009

Seven things that probably you may not know about me

Anderson tagged me, so I'll give this a try, though I'm going to have a tough time finding 7 other people who haven't been tagged already.

  • I have a black belt in the hodge-podge kick-boxing-jujutsu-taekwondo-karate style of fighting they teach at Apollo's Karate.

  • I have an identical twin brother, and 2 older brothers, one of whom is also a PHP developer.

  • I am emerging Catholic.

  • I brew my own beer.

  • I love soccer. I try to play every weekend. Also, GO REDS!

  • I can speak conversational Russian. I also speak a little French, a tiny bit of German and Portuguese, and I'm starting to learn Spanish. I'm only fluent in English though. :(

  • I landed my job at SourceForge after I made an OSS project there. So go make one yourself! :)

I'll tag ...

So tagging it back to Brazil, from whence I was tagged. :)

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